Provincial Adoption Records

Searching for adoption records in Ontario

Ontario’s adoption records are open.

If you were adopted in Ontario — or if your child was placed for adoption — you can receive information from your birth and adoption records through ServiceOntario.

In the past this information was not available. But in May 2008, the Ontario legislature passed a new adoption information disclosure law called the Access to Adoption Records Act, 2008.

This new law gives adopted adults and birth parents more rights to information and privacy.

Getting information

Adopted adults and birth parents can apply for information from birth and adoption records, if the adoption was registered in Ontario.

This information is called post-adoption birth information. It may include identifying information, like the original name of an adopted adult or the name of a birth parent.

With post-adoption birth information, adopted adults may be able to find out what their original names were, as well as the names of their birth parents. Birth parents may learn the name their child was given after he or she was adopted.

Protecting your privacy

Adopted adults and birth parents also have the option to protect the privacy of their post-adoption birth information. Adopted adults and birth parents can:

  • file a notice of contact preference to specify how they would like to be contacted
  • file a no contact notice if they do not want to be contacted, but are willing to have their identifying information released
  • file a disclosure veto if the adoption was finalized before September 1, 2008. This will prevent identifying post-adoption birth information from being released.

Other types of information

Adopted persons, descendants of an adopted person, birth parents, adoptive parents and members of the birth family may also be eligible for other information and services, like:

  • non-identifying information
  • severe medical searches
  • placing a name on the adoption disclosure register
  • copies of adoption orders.

Help by city

Toronto – Finding Your Roots

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto will provide non-identifying information from our records to adult adopted persons, adoptive parents, birth parents, birth grandparents, birth siblings, birth aunts/uncles and to former Crown Wards.

Adopted people and their birth relatives, click here for an application form for non-identifying information.

Former crown wards, click here for an application form for non-identifying information.

Please be advised that there is a lengthy waiting list for these services.

For more information, please call 416-924-4646 ext. 2590 or email

A reunion support group meets at the agency once a month and is open to anyone involved in a reunion. For more information, please call 416-924-4646 ext. 2590 or email

Adult adopted persons wishing to obtain a copy of their original birth registration and/or their final adoption order, and birth parents wishing to obtain access to information from their child’s birth records and adoption orders can contact the Ministry of Community and Social Services at Service Ontario or call Service Ontario at 416-325-8305 or toll free at 1-800-461-2156.


Ottawa – Parent Finders

We are a volunteer non-profit organization, part of the Parent Finders of Canada network with contacts across the country, the United States and Internationally. We provide information and support to help reunite family members separated by adoption.

Over the last 37 years, we have facilitated more than 1800 reunions. Check out our new FACEBOOK page under the heading of Parent Finders Ottawa! We hope you find the information on our website adds value to your search.

We have many resources which can assist you. We also offer services such as matching your search information with our database, helping you contact a birth relative and educating you on your legal rights.