Provincial Adoption Records

How to Access Adoption Records

 Adoption Records

The Alberta Post Adoption Registry maintains the sealed adoption records for all granted adoptions completed in the province of Alberta. This program provides reunion services and information to adult adoptees, adoptive parents and birth family. There are no fees for registry services.

Alberta Legislation

For adoptions granted PRIOR to January 1, 2005, birth parents and adult adoptees (18 years of age and older) may obtain identifying information about one another through the submission of a Request for Release of Adoption Information form. Individuals who wish their identifying information to remain confidential must file a Disclosure Veto form with Alberta’s Post Adoption Registry. This veto will prevent the release of identifying information on the birth registration or adoption information; however, non-identifying information is still released to the other party upon request.

For adoptions granted AFTER January 1, 2005, birth parents and adoptees can no longer file a disclosure veto. You may file a Contact Preference form. Identifying information about the adult adoptee and the biological parent will be released to these parties when the adoptee turns 18 years of age or older upon submission of a Request for Release of Adoption Information form.

The Child, Youth & Family Enhancement Act allows for access to identifying information contained in adoption records.

Post Guardianship Services

What are Post Guardianship Services?

The Post Guardianship Services unit receives requests from individuals who were never adopted and who, as adults, are requesting information from their child intervention files regarding family background, developmental history, school history and medical history.

If an individual making the request has received child intervention services within the last two years, the request should be made to the most recent District Office who provided services. If a request is made regarding an active child intervention file, the request should be made to the current case manager.

You will receive documentation from your child welfare file under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement legislation. Contact our office to request an application form. There is no cost for this request.

If you require further documentation you may submit a Request for Access to Information to The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) office at 780‑427‑2805. There is a cost to this request if the documentation exceeds 40 pages.

If you have any questions about Post Guardianship Services or would like to obtain an application form, please contact the Post Adoption Registry at 780‑427‑6387.